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Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

Pictures and stories of the DarkElements (Himadas/Jacksons), McFly, Suite Life of Zack and Cody/Suite Life on Deck, Elementals, Big Time Rush, Power Rangers and some other stuff.

The DarkElements are our pride and joy and we love drawing our characters so much. :heart: :love: :heart: :love: :heart:


Pictures that we think were drawn well, pictures from our friends, our favorite authors, our favorite fandoms, and pictures of McFly, Big Time Rush, and our OCs.

Journal History


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.:Hard to Find:. by DarkElements10
.:Hard to Find:.
You give me faith to believe there’s a way
To put the past finally behind me
And hope to make it through another night
You give me strength during these dark times when I’m blind
You are my light when faith is hard to find

When faith is hard to find
Will you still hold on
(c) Skillet, Hard to Find

Wohoo, got the Cody/Rhuben pic done now all I need is Cody/Crystal. I really like how this one came out, especially doing Rhu's low, side ponytail from that angle. And I like the way Cody turned out as well.

The lyrics are to the song Hard to Find by Skillet that works with Cody and Rhuben as a couple. Much like their twins they don't have a particularly dramatic relationship. Unlike Riley and Zack (where Riley sometimes obviously prefers Cody), Rhuben and Cody were close friends almost every since meeting each other. His caring and sweet nature was a big change to the tense and dark life she lived with Robert and it was a welcome change. They started dating and things were going well until Robert's pressure upon her and her siblings caused her to fall back into her anorexia. It wasn't until after Robert was taken to jail and Cody started to overcompensate for her life by understanding everything there was to know about abuse victims (to the point of obsession) he started to treat Rhuben like a statistic and she broke up with him needing time to heal herself. She's not bothered when he goes out with her cousin, Crystal and the two are still close friends when not dating. He's always there for her and is willing to help her when she needs it. For elementals she awakened him.

Rhuben and art (c) :icondarkelements10:
Cody (c) Suite Life of Zack and Cody/Suite Life on Deck/Disney
.:Yours To Hold:. by DarkElements10
.:Yours To Hold:.
Every single day
I find it hard to say
I could be yours alone
You will see someday
That all along the way
I was yours to hold
I was yours to hold

I'm stretching but you're just out of reach
I'm ready when you're ready for me
(c) Skillet, Yours To Hold

So I finally got another piece up and, yes, it's another Ziley piece. You know why? Because I recently finished re-watching SLOZAC and SLOD, forgetting how much I loved both shows, and fell in love with them again. Not including the fact that it gave me some inspiration for Downfall and Help Me, Save Me. After this I'm gonna need to do one of Cody/Rhuben as well as Cody/Crystal. Otherwise, I really need to do some BTR pics as well as doing the Elemental ones I said I was gonna do and the Flash.

For those wondering, the lyrics are to the song Yours to Hold by Skillet. I think that it's a song that works for Zack and Riley as a couple. They don't have a dramatic relationship by any means--other than when Riley gets irritated by his flirting with other girls--and are actually really good friends before starting to date despite Zack's constant flirting with her. But there are some things they have to work through on their own, on both sides, before getting together and I think the song really relates to that. In terms of Elements there's a lot that brings them together from the fact that Riley is the one that awakened him and helped him work hard to control his element to the fact that they have the same element but with different properties (him - light, her - darkness). Without Elements her seeing through his goofy/flirtatious exterior to see the 'real' Zack as well as his ability to help her see that life isn't out to get her brings them together.

Please ignore Riley's hand, I can't draw hands!! T---T

Riley and art (c) :icondarkelements10:
Zack (c) Suite Life of Zack and Cody/Suite Life on Deck/Disney
Reference pic for pose:…
The Flash (2014 TV Series): Sage Cadence Averey by DarkElements10
The Flash (2014 TV Series): Sage Cadence Averey
Whew, first piece of art in a loooooong time.

And it's fan-art for The Flash!! Sort of...considering they're OCs! Okay, here are the characters....(there are spoilers to the stories they're found in, in their profiles, just a heads up).

Sage Moreaux (21) (c) :icondark-tundra-chaos: – Iris’s cousin, power of ice

Faceclaim: Tinashe Kachingwe

-Personality: Silly but she can be serious when need be, oblivious in an endearing way

    *Positive*: Loyal, Humble

    *Negative*: Cowardly, Jealous

    *Fears*: Abandonment, Failure

    *Goals*: Friendship, Knowledge (which is funny for her name and her powers)

    *Random Life Things*: Can't Swim, Has Bad Relationship with Parents                   

-Occupation: Student/Zookeeper/IT specialist

-Pairing: Oliver/Sage

-First Appearance: Episode 1

-Skills: Ice powers, read/write/translate/decipher any language (written, spoken, computer, scientific, body), Savate (French kickboxing), Sharpshooter/Marksman (I feel joe would help her with shooting guns)

-Weaknesses: Bad headaches/brain freeze/lower body temperature, Slow (walking, thinking, not in a real rush, doesn't catch up on information that fast), Can't physically touch anyone, Oblivious to language of love, Maybe dyslexic? (to combat how easy her language powers would be

Cadence Nash (24) (c) Riley/half of :icondarkelements10: – Harrison’s daughter, power of fire

Faceclaim: Kristin Kreuk

-Personality: Blunt/Outgoing/Serious but likes to laugh (had to grow up fast)

                Positive: Dedicated, Loyal, Courageous

                Negative: Closed-Minded, Ruthless, Dishonest

                Fears: Losing loved ones, Being Hated

                Goals: Respect, Love

                Random Life Things: Scared of Insects, Enjoys Athletics

-Occupation: Pediatrician Resident/Aerobics Instructor

-Pairing: Barry/Cadence

-First Appearance: Between Episodes 4/5

-Skills: Cryptology (or Stealth) and Parkour/Free Running
-Abilities: Enhanced speed (but not as fast as Barry). Somewhat invincible. Controls Fire and Heat. Can shoot fire from eyes, increase body temperature to start fire.  Can heal self/others.
-Weaknesses: Sensitive to extreme cold, dust, and dirt. Dislikes the dark. Needs to drink a lot of water or risk dehydration. If body temperature is raised too high for her powers she could cause irreversible brain damage, can cause heat waves. Has dark side of powers directly tied to hell and her participation in the Assassination Bureau.

Averey Moore (24) (c) Rhuben/half of :icondarkelements10: – Barry’s half-sister, power of optics/darkness

Faceclaim: Ellen Page

-Personality: Tunnel Vision, can be a bit childish around Barry (brother/sister fights)

                Positive: Courageous, Confident, Sympathetic

    Negative: Manipulative, Cowardly

    Fears: Being Hated, Weakness

    Goals: Independence, Fame

    Random: Only Child, Lost a Family Member at a Young Age

-Occupation: Freelance Photographer/Waitress at Jitters

-Pairing: Cisco/Averey

-First Appearance: Episode 6

-Skills: Tracking - Kickboxing. Later on in a story/maybe sequel I want to put hunting but not like for animals but for people/things

-Abilities: enhanced vision (zoom), night vision, speed (not at first, eventually could potentially move at speed of light, but haven't decided this yet), photographic memory

-Weakness: Sunlight; has to wear sunglasses, clumsy, tunnel vision

Their stories
Sage - The Mark of Sage
Cadnece - Flash Fire
Averey - In a Flash

Hope you guys enjoy! :)
Not having done a contest in a while, would anyone be interested if we held a christmas contest?
Laugh It Up

By: Riley

Summary – There was a reason why Patrick always liked to make people laugh, most didn’t understand it was a coping mechanism.


Patrick Jackson-McGuire loved to laugh.

Not only did he love to laugh, but he liked to make other people laugh. He saw things in ways that were comical and viewed life to be something to live rather than agonize about and tried to have as much fun as possible. However, there was the saying ‘those who laugh the hardest are often the most unhappy’ and he did believe it, he was one of those that fell under that trope, all because he still hadn’t gotten over the tragedy that had befallen his family ten years before, when he was just seven years old.

How do seven year olds deal with their parents dying so early in life?

Most would cry, live life in fear thinking it’d happen to them as well, maybe pull in on himself, and after he had done all of that, he decided to live his life for his parents. So he decided to work to make himself and other people happy and what better way to do that than by laughter? When someone was down, there he was to make funny faces, crack jokes, and just be plain ridiculous until they finally smiled. Even if it was a hint of a smile when tears still slid like crystals down their cheeks, he considered it a job well done.

However one day he didn’t feel like laughing.

He didn’t feel like doing anything other than sitting at the picnic table set up in his backyard by the back patio and stare into the fire that blazed in the fire pit. The smoke expanding from the crackling, dancing flames swirled into the sky until it matched the colorless palette the bright stars dotted. Memories of that horrific night penetrated his mind’s eye, taking him away from the backyard in the cool summer night to the intense hell he had managed to escape from when he was just seven years old. He could still hear the crackling and roaring of that fire and could recount the cold, snakelike fear he harbored while hiding under his bed before he managed the courage and strength to grab his twin brother and race out of the house with his other siblings. Unfortunately, at the time, he hadn’t known that his parents had looked for them before they left the house, doing whatever they could to find their six children before succumbing to smoke inhalation.

He remembered being in the hospital, getting treatment for his own burns, small scars he still held on his knees from the burning floor. He remembered having been told that his mother and father didn’t make it and not quite understanding what that meant, and he remembered seeing their lifeless bodies for the last time as a very kind hospital nurse had allowed him and his siblings the chance to say goodbye before the bodies were to be prepped before the funeral. He remembered all of that and continued to keep it inside him, a burning bolt of lightning that would strike him whenever the memory would cross his mind at the most inopportune times.

But now, sitting in the backyard, listening to the crickets chirp around him, watching the fire was kind of cathartic. Watching the exact thing that had caused his family so much pain, what caused him to be afraid of certain circumstances every now and then. He still couldn’t sit in a Japanese restaurant and have things cooked right in front of him without feeling a slight jolt of fear when the flames erupted. However, it was the only way he could feel he was still connected towards his parents at that moment in time; lest he was sure to allow his emotions to take over with dire consequences.

The pain he was feeling he couldn’t help but internalize, he had learned the tactic growing up under an abusive foster father. And whilst Robert Jackson—the man that just so happened to have the same last name as him and his brothers and sisters—had been sent to jail about three years before and he and his siblings had been adopted by their friend Ronan McGuire, he still showed up in their lives in many different ways. Number one being the physical damage he had done to them, the second being the psychological damage that had been made and the third being that he had learned to use his laughter to cover things up so much that he felt nothing but hurt inside.


Turning away from the fire pit, Patrick glanced over his shoulder and spotted his girlfriend, Katie, walking over to him. She chewed her lower lip as she approached, not sure how to start the conversation. He didn't mind, it was hard to think about.

The wooden table creaked underneath Katie’s weight as she sank onto the bench next to him. She gently, nervously flapped the sleeves of her sweatshirt over her hands. “I heard about your grandfather,” she said quietly. “How’s he doing?”

Patrick shrugged. “As well as expected, I reckon,” he replied, his voice tinged with his Australian accent. “I just…I wish we could be there, though. Daddy Teak hates hospitals.” He chuckled, eyebrows rising slightly. “Not as much as we do, but considering how old he is he’d rather just go when the time is right.” He sat up straight and spoke in a lower, slightly raspy voice that was reminiscent to his grandfather, Teak Jackson. “Son, I’m going to tell you something that I reckon a lot of people don’t like to say; I’m old. And when you get old there’s nowhere else for you to go but down, so why would I want to spend so much time with doctors?”

Katie giggled quietly.

“Should’ve known it would be what would eventually send him to the hospital with a bad heart attack,” Patrick continued. “In fact, I’m surprised that he never got it from laughing so much.”

“He likes to laugh?” Katie pressed.

She knew this was hard for him to talk about. He rarely, if ever spoke about his family other than his eldest brother Julius, his wife Brittany, his older twin sisters Riley and Rhuben, his own twin brother Noah, and his baby brother Sydney. Only because of all of the pain they had gone through from their parents’ death when the eldest was eleven and the youngest was a one year old, to their constant years of abuse from the hands of a foster parent that had exploited their musical ability as long as he could.

“Daddy Teak loves to laugh,” Patrick agreed. “He can be very blunt, yeah, but not in an offensive way; in a very humorous way. He hates to see someone upset or frown or cry so he always tries his hardest to make that person happy.”

Katie hesitated for a moment before reaching out and grabbing onto his hand. Things were a bit strange between the two of them. They were each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend, having started dating a couple of months before. They hadn’t even had their first kiss yet, and now she was to try and comfort him when he had just gotten the news that his grandfather was in the hospital for a large heart attack. She wasn’t even sure how she would want to be comforted at a moment like this. Thankfully both sets of her grandparents were healthy and had never had anything more than a cold.

But this was different, Patrick was super close to his family, protective of his siblings, and enjoyed the times he could be back in his home country of Australia. But being out in Los Angeles to work on with his band—his brothers and sisters—for the American market while his grandfather was back in an Australian hospital possibly dying, it had to be hard.

Patrick’s freehand started to rapidly drum up and down on the table top, his fingernails clacking against the wood, piercing the air. He did that for a few moments before bringing his hand up to run through his black hair that fell to his shoulders. The tips dyed blond fell in front of his eyes and he shook his head to move it out of the way.

A glare graced his face.

What was it about him that caused so much pain to follow him around? Was it because he tried to laugh thing off? To make sure that he only focused on the positivity that life had to show him? Was that such a bad thing? It was immensely better than constantly whining—or as he said, whinging—and complaining about things that could or couldn’t be changed. In fact, instead of complaining about the pain and torture that he had been put through by Robert, he focused on making the life of his brothers and sisters better by making them laugh. So he adopted the persona of being a bit slow, to not completely understand what was going on with some things, as a way to be funny.

He made jokes of his parents’ death, he joked about the years of abuse he had gone through, in fact, he joked so much that he had never really had an honest conversation about how he felt deep down. And now that Daddy Teak was in the hospital, he felt like he was seconds away from exploding. Daddy Teak had always been the one that helped him through the pain he had been feeling as he had lost his only son and daughter-in-law, and was gutted to find out that he and his wife couldn’t adopt the six siblings all because they were deemed too old to care for six children. They had only managed to get Julius in their custody and the other five had been lost to the system and through the subsequent abuse that came afterward.

Every time they were able to return to Australia, the first thing Patrick wanted to do was to go to their grandparents’ house to see Daddy Teak, to know what sort of jokes he had accumulated since the last time they had spoken on the phone. And in many ways Daddy Teak was exactly like his son, Patrick’s father, Reed. They both lived life t the fullest and it was something that Patrick had gained from his late father, as well as his lopsided smile. Daddy Teak being the closest thing he could get to his own father back, the two bonded over the loss of the man that linked them together.

“It just sucks!” Patrick let go of Katie’s hand and ran them over his face, pushing his glasses aside. He rubbed at his blue eyes before taking off his glasses and dropping them onto the table top. He then turned and looked at Katie, though his eyes were squinted, struggling to see her hazel ones. “Why did he have to be put in the hospital? He’s not that old and now who knows how much time he had left?” He clenched his hands into fists. “I don’t think I can stand the idea of losing anyone else. My Mum and Dad died when I was bloody seven years old. Next year I turn eighteen, they should be getting ready to go to my graduation. But now, they’re six feet underground, yeah, and my grandfather is in the hospital about twelve thousand kilometers away…about seven thousand miles away.”

“Pat,” Katie said.

“Yes, I can count, I only dye my hair blond, I’m not an actual blond,” Patrick remarked with a light laugh.

Katie frowned. “That’s not funny.”

“It’s very funny, actually,” He contradicted. “About as funny as the fact that I can go on stage every night and perform in front of hundreds upon thousands of people like I don’t have a care in the world when deep inside I feel like I’m falling apart. But no one seems to notice, I’m labeled as ‘the funny one’ or ‘the jokester’ and that’s all people see me as.”

He sniffed loudly and picked up his glasses, placing them on his face once more. Turning to Katie, he blinked then smiled a little. “I’m sorry; I didn't really take the chance to look at you. You look really cute today.”

Katie felt herself start to blush, which she always did whenever he gave her a compliment. She couldn’t help it, apart from being able to make her laugh himself—which she really enjoyed—he always managed to make her blush from a quick compliment or just from smiling at her.

She tucked her hair behind her ear, “Thanks, Pat,” she said honestly before frowning a little. She squeezed his hand and he squeezed back, pulling her closer towards him, leaning down and resting his forehead against her shoulder. Katie reached up with her free hand and gently rubbed his back. “And, I know things are hard for you right now, but not every bad thing comes your way.”

Patrick’s snort was muffled by her shoulder. “Then I must be in the wrong lane because that’s exactly what’s happening, yeah?”

Katie laughed. She couldn’t help it, laughter really was his forte but what really broke her heart about it was that she knew he was doing his best not to break down. His breath was shuddering as he breathed in and he trembled against her, despite how stiffly he was trying to hold his body to keep from revealing his true emotions.  “That doesn’t mean you have to sabotage yourself, does it?”

“Far out!” Patrick pushed himself away from Katie and leapt up from the picnic table so quickly he almost fell over. He caught his balance and backed away from his girlfriend, who looked back at him in confusion and hurt. “I’m not sabotaging myself! I’m…I’m worried! I’m sick and tired of this happening! I’m…I’m hurt…” as soon as the word came out his resolve dropped and he started to laugh incredulously. “I’m hurt, I’m…I’m bloody scared. I’m such a boofhead. I, I can’t lose anyone else. I just can’t.”

Lashing out a hand, he punched the side of the house, letting out a quick and quiet, “fuck!” then started laughing once more.

His laughter continued for a few seconds before transcending into cries as tears fell down his cheeks.

Katie got up from the table and went over to Patrick, wrapping her arms around his waist. She could say that she understood how he felt; she had been devastated when her father had left her family leaving behind her mother and older brother. For the first couple of months she had been hurt and cried and waited for him to come back. As time went on she internalized her hurt until she couldn’t remember what life was like with him around and masked it, becoming independent and able to function on her own.

And yet, while she knew she could tell him those things that she knew how he felt, she couldn’t because they weren’t the same and she couldn’t even begin to imagine the kind of pain that he had managed to hide with his smile and laughter all these years.

She was glad he wasn’t laughing anymore.
Laugh It Up
There was a reason why Patrick always liked to make people laugh, most didn’t understand it was a coping mechanism.

Patrick and writing (c) :icondarkelements10:


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Hey guys, we're taking CHEAP commission to get commissions done for us as well as PMs for our sisters.


Commission Prices
(All art is colored)

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:bulletpurple: Each extra character will be negotiated depending on the pic
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Points For Features
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-Comment on our page if you donated for a feature

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Chibi Riley by DarkElements10
PC - Haruki Tao by DarkElements10
Contest Prize - Chibi Mary by DarkElements10
Rei and Crystal Bitbeast Hoodies by DarkElements10
Chibi w/out background - 50 points
Chibi with background - 60 points
Half Body with background
.:Day Off:. by DarkElements10
Packers Couple by DarkElements10
Boyfriend Clothes by DarkElements10
Parallel by DarkElements10
80 points/$1.00 :bulletpurple: Each extra character will be negotiated depending on the pic
Full Body Commissions with background
Peace by DarkElements10
PR(S)S - Emily Pirtle by DarkElements10
Cowabunga! by DarkElements10
Australia and Germany by DarkElements10
Full Person with background


Riley and Rhuben
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Penname: Black-Wolf-Demons
Name: Riley and Rhuben
Likes: McFly, Anime, Manga, Music, Sports, Elements, Big Time Rush
Loves: :heart:Our Boys - Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James and Zach and Cameron:heart:. Our girls - Jo, Camille, Stephanie, and Katie
Not having done a contest in a while, would anyone be interested if we held a christmas contest?
Does anyone know anybody that's good at designing book covers? I have a couple of projects that I'm working on that'd be great with a cover, but I'm not so good at designing them myself. If anyone is interested or knows someone, please comment or send a note. We can work out payment after I get some info.


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